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Justin E. Cormier- Experienced Home Designer

My name is Justin Cormier and I've been designing prestigious homes since 1998. My passion is helping people turn their dreams into reality by creating beautiful 3D home designs.

I work closely with Tennessee's top building contractors utilizing detailed plans that comply with constantly changing building codes and regulations. 

If you've been dreaming of a new addition to your home I can produce complete 3D working drawings with a full-motion fly-over video. 

As a highly skilled designer with over 20 years experience in luxury home designs I am qualified to produce, through Tennessee State Law, fully compliant plans for: Single and double family residential homes as well as small commercial projects. More than that, you will be hard pressed to find a more attentive and caring professional in this space. 

My calendar is often full but I still manage to take on new clients when the project can be as enjoyable as the relationship. 

If you'd like a free consultation, just call me directly at 865-255-1120.